Cascara Cherry Cola

First, Let us explain.


The Coffee Cherry

Cascara is the sun dried husk of the coffee cherry. Its an ingredient that is rapidly making its way from its previous home in the compost pile on coffee plantations to a key ingredient in craft drinks and cocktails everywhere. Higher in antioxidants than coffee beans and containing about 1/4 the caffeine as your average cuppa joe, this eco- friendly husk is the back bone of our Cascara Cherry Cola.

Cascara Cherry Cola

Our take on the classic cherry cola features Cascara the antioxidant packed dried husk of the  coffee plant, the inflammation calming powerhouse tart cherry, and is rounded out with that familiar sarsparilla  cola flavor. Subtle  hints of oak, hibiscus, orange and lime. Pairs great with rum, whiskey, or bourbon.



Schizandra Limeade

Known in Chinese medicine as the “ five flavor berry”

Schizandra Berry is said to contain the sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and bitter flavors. Prized for its ability to help humans to adapt better to stress and for its ability to boost endurance this tiny berry is an herbal toolbox all on its own.

So we decided to make a soda out of it.

We would like to introduce you to:

Schizandra Limeade

A refreshing blend of Lime and the Chinese herb Schizandra know for its prowess as a potent tonic, fatigue reliever, and endurance promoter. With a vast flavor profile Schizandra limeade is like a complex craft cocktail makers dream, just add Gin or Tequila and be ready for a flavor experience of a lifetime. 


Huckleberry Holy Basil

 A nostalgic Idaho favorite.

This blend features Wild Idaho huckleberries and Tulsi aka Holy Basil, a nervous system calming, anti stress herb hailing from India. Pairs great with vodka, and a busy modern day lifestyle.

Besides tasting like a high mountain Idaho summer this soda is a valuable asset on a high stress anxiety ridden day. Tulsi is a great go to for a fried nervous system and a case of the jitters.

So kick back grab your ole pal Huckleberry Holy Basil, local vodka, maybe a harmonica, and breath in that mountain air.