Each Product Is sweetened using local raw Idaho Honey.

We Always use the highest quality ingredients possible.

We Never use anything refined or synthetic.

Everything comes from as close to Earth as possible.

Botanical Sodas.

Each formula has one to three specifically chosen medicinal plants paired with accoutrement herbs, spices, and fruits to create a potent and functional yet delightfully flavored beverage experience.

Enjoy flavors like:

Schizandra Limeade

Cascara Cherry Cola

Huckleberry Holy Basil

Adapt,Stress relief, Energy, Immunity, Focus


A take on a classic rehydration drink from the 17th century. These drinks are formulated with a local raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey, ginger and other botanicals.

Enjoy flavors like:

Ginger Raspberry

Apple spice

Cherry Apricot

Hydrating, Energizing, uplifting

Jun Kombucha.

Like Regular kombucha, but better. These kombuchas are made with green tea, white tea, and honey vs the typical konbuchas made of black tea and refined cane sugar.

Enjoy flavors like:

Huckleberry lavender mint

Gut healing, immune boosting, enzyme and nutrient rich